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Alexey Vasilyevich was born on January 30, 1957 in the town of Armavir (Krasnodar region, Russia).

His father, Vasiliy Nikititch, became his first teacher – he took his son with him on hiking and camping trips since he was 2 years old. From those early days, the future author began to have intimate contact with the world around him. At the age of 5, young Alexey discovered his abilities for healing.

As years went by, he continued studying the art and science of self-development with the help of different Teachers, ancient Vedic texts, and his own personal experience. His passion for alpinism was shared with yoga and spiritual practices. In 1990 A.V.Trehlebov, as a priest within the group of the Soviet national mountaineering team, helped athletes climb mount Lhotse – the fourth highest mountain on earth.

He met his spiritual Teacher – Supreme Incarnation Lama of Nepal – Ngavang Tenzing Dzhangbo, here in the mountains, in the high-altitude Buddhist Tengboche Monastery. After initiation, Alexey Vasilyevitch received his new name (san) - Galtzin-lama. Also he received an order from his teacher, which became his new purpose in life – to direct his energy to the spiritual revival of Russia.

Since 1991 he has been conducting meetings and seminars in many Russian cities on such topics as: “Cultural heritage of the Slavic-Aryan ancestors”, “Healthy Living”, “Cultural revival of Russia”, “The Foundation of Wisdom”, and many others.

In January 2001 Alexey Vasilyevitch received a Naming rite from the Head of Orthodox Old Ritualist-Ingilings Church from father Alexander (Y.A.Khinevitch) and received the name Vedagor and spiritual rank of Vedaman.




 Also A.V.Trekhlebov is an Esaul of Kuban Cossack army, adviser to the Ataman on matters of spiritual and moral heritage, and the traditions of Russia’s forefathers. Also, he is a corresponding member of the International Academy of Science and Ecology, and a lead expert in the educational and methodological center of School of Economics and Public Relations.


Vedagor is an author of books on the spiritual heritage of Slavic-Aryans, which have radically changed the world-views of thousands of readers. When Vedagor holds meetings with his readers, he opens them to new views on the universe, and talks about the culture and life of our Slavic-Aryan ancestors. All the questions, starting from everyday things, to heath and politics, he answers with a spirituality and moral point of view, with the aspect of connectedness to the earth and to the whole universe







Books written by A.V.Trekhlebov:

"Atmadharma (Basis of an individual)” – Saint-Petersburg, 1993

"Call of the Phoenix" - Glazov, 1997

"Definition dictionary of Koschunnyk” - Perm 2000. Moscow, 2003

"Slavic name collection" – Perm, 2002

"Legends of the Phoenix" - Perm, 2004