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The Key to the Slavic-Aryan Folk Tales

Russian folk tales are the precious heritage of our Ancestors’ spiritual experience, their knowledge of the rules and existence of the Worlds of Pravi, Slavi, Yavi and Navi. For a competent person these tales are an argosy of wisdom, which allows people acknowledge the sacred profundity of the life of the Russian People and their Vedic life philosophy - Rodobozshiye. 

Sexual energy management

How to body your relatives

Past Lives Experiences

How to feed a family?

Praising the Gods of the Kin

Our readers ask to explain what is the correct way to appeal to the Gods of the Own Kin. Unlike the foreign religions with their chuches located in Russia, the Rodobozshiya (the Belief in the Own Kin Gods) or the Staraya Vera (the Old Faith) does not practice pleading the Celestial Relatives who got the  Consciousness of the Gods for anything as They know all our thoughts and yearnings. Prayers asking the Gods for anything demonstrate a kind of ignorance as long as the Velesova Kniga (the Veles Book) says: "We praise the Gods and never plead Them for anything, that is why we are the Slavs by Nature". However, there are certain doxology rules one sould follow to communicate with the Own Kin Gods of the World of Heaven.