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Praising the Gods of the Kin

In order to answer your questions most precisely, our correspondent personally interviewed the honored man at Vedas Vedogor Trekhlebov.

Corr.: The first question is: “In what way the Old Faith believers (those who believe in the Own Kin Gods) maintain relationship with their Gods and ancestors?”.

V.V.T.: The best way to establish the wholesome relation with the Own Kin is to perform the duties assigned by the Gods and Ancestors in compliance with the level of spiritual growth of an individual. The Slavic-Aries social order is distinguishes between the Varnas (casts) of the Vesi (the Folk), the Vityazy (the Warriors or the Knights) and the Ecclesiastics (the Priests).

The Vesi are the peasants and craftsmen who follow the healthy mode of life, are aimed at healthy procreation, understand rituals and ordinance. They take part in Vechorkas (evening celebrations) and Festivities which help them adjust the body in tune with the seasonal Cosmic and Terrestrial rhythms via games and fun, dances and roundelays. The Priest leads them in praising the Gods and making sacrifice to the Gods of the Own Kin to provide for sustainable spiritual relations between the Terrestrial Kin and the Heavenly Kin.

The Vityazy are those who devote their lives to keep and increase their honor, dignity, justice and protect their Fatherland and its people from internal and external threats. They practice skills in games and equestrian tournaments. Their purpose is to master military skills in honor of performing their Duty in the best way. The peak of the warrior’s skill is when he can manage the space and the time during a battle, in other words, the ability to transfer his attention to and concentrate on his bodies Navye (the Astral body), Klubye (the Mental body) and Kolobye (the Intuition and Spiritual body) for successful interaction with the Worlds of Navi (the world of the dead), Pravi (the world of the Gods) and Slavi (the world of ancestors and tutelary spirits). In order to get the blessing from the Gods and Ancestors, the Vityaz makes scarifies depending on the level of his consciousness either under the supervision of the Priest, or sacrifices on his own in case he is a twice-born (came through physical and spiritual births).

The Ecclesiastics (or the Priests) understand the necessity to follow their Dharma (the voluntary and amatory service to the Almighty Arch Father who is the Whole Entity including the Universe) and are the conductors of the Gods’ of the Kin Will and devote their whole lives to implementation of Their will. They carry out their social duty by helping the Vesi and the Vityazy keep the spiritual link with the  Gods of the Kin. The Priests grow spiritually due to acquiring experience and strength of Yaitsekhora (the particle of the causal matter - the Dust, the Ingliya, like a shell for Jivatma in the material world, which contains the experiences of all Jivatmas in the Universe).

Corr.: Please, explain the spiritual meaning and essence of scarifies to our readers.

V.V.T.: There are two types of sacrifice. The first type is supposed to feed the Spirits of Nature, Ancestors and the Gods. It gives Them strength to perform their Duty: to support the lives of the human beings, to protect them, to teach them and lead on their way to the Enlightenment. The second type is necessary to enrich the food for people with Prana (the Force of the Gods Virtue), so that this food brings the good for people but not an evil.

Corr.: Please, explain the spiritual meaning and essence of the Gods’ praising to our readers.

V.V.T.: Same as if catching the wind in a sail, one can savor the Power of the Gods of the Own Kin as the Gods and their Names are the whole inseparable One. It’s possible to merge wholesome with Them and use Their strengths as one’s own by adjusting mind and body in tune with Their names. Correct pronunciation of the names of the Gods of the Kin allows us to merge with Them as an integral whole and thus we are getting empowered with their blessings and strengths. It facilitates spiritual development and success in common life. 

Corr.: This brings to a question: “What are the rules for making sacrifices and praising the Gods?”

V.V.T.: To do it right one should at least master the 8 basics of self improvement. Namely:

1. Emotion control - follow moral and ethic percepts:

Kindness - be kind to all beings, doing no harm;

Virtue - purity of the word of mouth, mind, deeds;

Continence (sexual continence, retaining semen (sperm) - focus the sexual life on giving birth to virtuous children but not on satisfying one’s lust;

Nonstealing - no wish to steal or borrow anything that belongs to the others;

Independence (covetousness) - lack of affection and accumulation of no redundant things;

Sincerity - honesty, simplicity, openness;

Selflessness - making good for people not expecting to get any profits;

Lack of the feeling of being offended;

Lack of anger;

Fearlessness - conscious behavior.

2. Self control - purification of one’s own bodies:

Cleaning - cleaning the physical body;

Appeasement - feeling full, control feelings;

Self-education - wisdom, study Vedic Scriptures;

Perfection - master the abilities of the Flesh body and mind;

Consciousness - be in no opposition to the regular natural development, merge one’s will with the will of the Arch Father.

3. Flesh body control - control Ha and Tha energies by exercising the physical body (Ha-Tha Yoga).

4. Spirit control - control strength and energy of the body by breathing.

5. Mind control - set the mind free from emotions and outer impact.

6. Concentration of consciousness - ability to concentrate.

7. Knowledge of the Inomirye (the Other Worlds) - ability to shift concentration on Navye, Klubye, Kolobye and Divye bodies and studying the Wolds of Navi, Slavi and Pravi.

8. Transformation - creation of the body of Light (the Body of the World of Pravi God which is not subject to the influence of either time or place), which endows Jiva (the individual Self) with super consciousness and qualities of the Personality.

When moral and ethic virtue is achieved, all the man’s life power winds are whirling, the Ascension channel that comes along the center of the spine becomes pure, the Flame Power (Kundalini) comes up via this channel and brings the Jiva up to the top wind - the Svetoch. When it happens, all the Jiva’s bodies and mantles transform into the Svetye (Light) body, the Jiva acquires the qualities of a Personality and proceeds to the Wold of Pravi.

Traditional Yoga adherents teach how to swirl the winds of Power (to evolve the Chakras) and to purify the Ascension (Sushumna) channel upwards from the Istok (In-Toka, Muladhara) to the Svetoch (Sahasrara). Ancient Aries, being the followers of the Prime Matter Enlightment, preferred this method to evolve and use the Strengths, Power and Experience which contain in the Ingliya.

Nowadays this way is not acceptable as it requires: a healthy body; a long life; clean food, water and air; a secluded place; a Teacher always near and able to help the trainee and keep it safe when the Flame Power (Kundalini) is raising; the government which fosters this kind of activity - however, we do not have it all.

Therefore, there are many dangers on the way of a person who purifies the Ascension (Sushumna) channel and stirs the Flame Power (Kundalini) upwards, because all the winds located below waste contain base (lowland), primeval motives acquired during previous lives. This qualities break through when a certain speed of Wind whirling (vibration frequency) is achieved. If the person has no an experienced Teacher near by to have a permanent control during this long and extremely dangerous way, and in case all other above mentioned conditions can not be provided, it is no doubt that this person will suffer from these lowland forces. Evolvement of the two initial winds which are responsible for the sexual sphere is specially dangerous. If a person does not manage to take it under control, he may become a victim of sexual deviations and will not be able to progress in his further development as he will lose the semen (sperm) the vital force of which is required for further self perfection.

There are many dangers on this way, but raising the Flame Power (Kundalini) upwards is the most dangerous. If the Ascension (Sushumna) channel is not pure enough, the Flame Power may find it way to raise through another of the 118 energy channels which may end up in psychic distortions or other energy dependant traumas and diseases which will be on obstacle for further personal development.  

The Slavs, gaining their life experience by being the followers of Ramha (the Sole Creator), prefer another, downwards way of stirring up the winds of Power and purification of the Ascension (Sushumna) channel. In this case all the dangers are minimized because by downwards purification of the Ascension channel, the person acquires the qualities, strength and power necessary for successful evocation of base winds lying below. Not only the qualities of the upper winds take part in the whirling of every next base wind, but also the upper levels of the Universe.

Nowadays this way is preferable for the majority of people, but the seeming difference between the two approaches disappears on the way of Vedic awareness. The Wise Man Velimudr said: “Do not think that everything in this world happens by the Gods’ will only and that things do not depend on your strong Will and your virtuous thoughts. Only ignorant people who are not familiar with the Verity of Life will say that. The Heavenly Gods only supervise your creative deeds and will come to help when called by their descendants.” The Word of Wisdom by Wise Man Velimudr, the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, Book 3.

Corr.:  It is evident from Your answer that it may take years and tens of years of hard work on spiritual growth and self improvement for our citizens. A good soldier dreams of becoming a General, though. That’s why the next question is: “How to praise the Gods in the right way?”

V.V.T.: The Vedas say that first and foremost one should go through lustration so that the evil energy leaves bodies and mantles to ease the spiritual growth. The negative energy floats to one’s feet (if one sleeps with the head to the North). Afterwards one should get energy by exercising Yoga (Asans) and breathing (Pranayama). When enough energy is accumulated, the Gods praising may start. The best time for praising the Gods is 1 hour 45 minutes before the Sunrise. The Gods praising requires a special Word vibration to be created when saying blesses. Every part and cell, every atom and Jivatma of the flesh body, all the bodies’ and mantles’ fields should sound. Due to such Gods blessing one gets the Gods’ Power and ability to implement the Gods’ Will in the material World.

Corr.: What are the rules of making scarifies?

V.V.T.: To make a proper sacrifice the Vedas recommend to use 5 Elements of Nature which help conquer one’s mind by concentrating 5 feelings on the act of sacrifice. Salt in a glass or ceramic pot denotes the Element of the Earth and should be placed on to the altar. Water in a sea shell should be placed on to the altar to denote the Element of Water. The Element of Air is presented by redolent odor: incense sticks or pyramids, olibanum, aroma herbs, etc. Wax candle or icon lamp burning on the altar provides for presence of the Element of Flame. The Element of Ether is presented on the altar by our thoughts and prayers.

During sacrifice and the Gods’ blessing our sense of smell is concentrated on the altar aroma, our sense of touch is concentrated on touching prayer beads and altar accessories, the taste is concentrated on the vibrations of the Gods’ Names pronounced in prayers, our hearing is concentrated on perception of how the Gods’ names sound, and the eyesight is concentrated on the image of God or his Kummir (Idol)*.

To reach the utmost efficiency in sacrifice and at praising  the Gods it is required that one masters the coherent knowledge and skills taken from the Spiritual Teacher, because special personal qualities are required to fulfill these rituals and ordinances.

It is necessary to control one’s mind by reining the senses, to master one’s Power of Life by whirling the Winds of Power of adequate vibration, color and strength, to create unique vibrations of the Gods’ Names when saying prayers and blessings. Special ritual clothes and altar accessories are required.

The above mentioned vibrations at praying can be created saying hymns of honor to the Gods of the Own Kin and by singing Mantras - the sacred words, which purify and enlighten the mind (Man - the mind, Tra - the purity, the enlightenment).

To begin with, one may say hymns of honor from the Slavic-Aryan Vedas:

“The Great Kin Arch Father! The Parent of the Fairest Svarga (Svarga - the Heavenly Golden Route for Spiritual Ascension)! Answer to those praying for You! You be blessed and blessed thrice! You are the eternal source of existence of our Gods and our Kin, and therefore we chant these praises of Great Honor to You, blessing You day and night, now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“Sventovit, our Pure God! We bless You by all our Kins and bless You thrice! You enlighten our souls and bestow our hearts with afflatus, as so good You are to us and our Kins! We are praising You and calling into our Own Kins for our souls  to be always with You now and ever, from Circle to Circle, anytime till the Yarilo-Sun shines! A-O-U-M!”

“Svarog - the Arch Father! The Keeper of the Fairest Svarga! You be blessed and blessed thrice! We are praise You by all our Kins and pray for Your icon! You be always with us! We are saying Honors to You - Hurah! Now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“Perune! Answer to those praying for You! You be blessed and blessed thrice! You give the welfare to all the Race of the Light! Your descendants admire Your wholly face! You lead us for the Good in our deeds and give the Greedens (Warriors) Fame and courage! You distracted us from immorality and endowed our Families with fertility now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“The sacred Dazshdboszhe! You be blessed and blessed thrice! We are praising You for giving the Good, happiness and welfare! We are saying Great Honor to You for Your help in our benevolent deeds, our military deeds against our enemies and every unfair evil! Let Your Great Power be with us and all our Kins now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“Oh, Lada - our Mother! The sacrid Mother-Sva! You be blessed and blessed thrice! You give us love and happiness! You endow us with Your Grace! We are blessing You by all our Kins now and ever, from Circle to Circle, anytime till the Yarilo-Sun shines! A-O-U-M!”

“Your Majesty, Makosh - our Mother! The Heavenly Mother - the mother of the God! You be blessed and blessed thrice! You weave the life order in our community in a most glorious way! We bless You, our virtuous and painstaking Mother-Teacher now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“Jiva, our Mother! Soul keeper! You protect all our Kins! You be blessed and blessed thrice! We are praying for You, blessing You and worship You, the grantor of fair souls! You give us peace to and make our Kins fertile! You stay always in our hearts now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

“Thrice-virtuous Roszhana, our Mother! You be blessed and blessed thrice! You give fertility to our Kin, You endow the wombs of our wives and brides with Your Gracious Power now and ever, from Circle to Circle, anytime till the Yarilo-Sun shines! A-O-U-M!”

“Oh, Tsarasvaty, the Mother - our Regal Heavenly Light! You be blessed and blessed thrice! We are praising You! We glory You! We are calling for You! We worship You! You stay always in our souls  now and ever, from Circle to Circle! So it was, so it is and so it be! A-O-U-M!”

To make sacrifice one can use the home Kin altar. It is located in the northern or eastern part of the house. There should be a shelf for the bowls with the sacred food and for the five Elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether.

The icons of the Gods and Ancestors are placed onto the Altar: the father’s ancestors are on the right side (to the left for the person staying his face to the altar), the mother’s ancestors are on the left (to the right for the person staying his face to the altar). The photos or pictures of the parents are on the low level.

The pictures of grandfathers and grandmothers are on the next higher level (the father’s parents are on the father’s side and the mother’s parents are on the mother’s side).  Grandparents and grand grandparents are on the next levels to the top accordingly.

The icons of the worshiped Gods, for instance Vyshen, Svarog, Sventovit, Perun, Veles, Dazshdboga are on the highest level on the father’s side. The Goddesses Jiva, Roszhana, Lada, Tsarasvaty, Makosh, Lelya are on the mother’s side highest to the top.

The shining Ra is on the very top of all, it is possible to use the picture of the sun.

Kindle the aroma and make a sacrifice to the Gods and the Ancestors of your Kin by putting food onto the altar before you eat. To make sure the sacrifice is accepted say the praise: “Oh, the Lord Arch Father manifested in the icons of the ForeFather, Svenovit, Svarog, Perun, Dazshdbog, Lada, Makosh, Jiva, Rozshana and Tsarasvaty we glory You! You be blessed and blessed thrice! Bless our (my) senses, thoughts, words and deeds to be devoted to Your honor and  our (my) RAdost (joy). Accept our (my) gifts and our (my) pleads - in Your Honor! Now and ever! From Circle to Circle! So it was! So it is. So it be! A-O-U-M Ra-Om-Ha Namaha A-O-U-M Tat Sat!”. The prayer should be accompanied by ringing a bell.

In this case the words “our” and “us” are used if the person makes a sacrifice not only by himself but in the name of other people who asked him to do this. For instance the owner of the house akes sacrifices to the Gods of the Kin not only by himself but in the name of all his family members.

Corr.: You ended saying the prayer by singing mantras in Sanskrit. According to Pater Diya (the Head) of Starovery (Old Faith believers) of the Alexander’s island, Sanskrit is a variation of the Old Russian language, which stayed unchanged to this day. Please, explain the meaning of this mantra. 

V.V.T.: “A-O-U-M” is a sound replica of the Almighty God. These sounds have been used for years by our ancestors to appeal to the Gods of the Own Kin. For instance when a Russian is lost in woods he will call “A-O-U-M”. The “M” sound is pronounced with the mouth shut, thus an uninformed person may hear it as if it sounds “A-U”. 

“Ra-Om-Ha” - is the name of the Almighty Arch Father, it consists of three runic images: Ra - His Pristine Light, Om - (A-O-U-M) - His Primal Sound, Ha - His Power of Life, Joy, Endeavor and Creation.

“Namah” - a bow of respect. Nowadays we use similar words “vzmah”- swing or wave, «otmah” - wave off, “razmah” - spread.

“Tat” - that, the one.

“Sat” - the Light.

In modern words this mantra means: “Oh, the Almighty Arch Father appearing in the Light and the Power of Life, Joy, Endeavor and Creation! I honor You with respect!”  The meaning of the second phrase is: “I devote this act to the Almighty God!”

You can feel that the vibrations created by modern words are different. The modern words are empty compared to the sounds of the Old Russian language, cause they are not in tune with the Holy Power of the Gods of the Kin. Our ancestors had talent to create the correct consonant sounds required to merge with the God. This is why singing mantras in Sanskrit is more preferable than pronouncing modern words.

Corr.: Many of our readers would like to know how to get the food blessed before a meal.

V.V.T.: The above prayer is so to say universal. The key sentence changes though. To dedicate the food for sacrifice we say the words: “Accept our (my) gifts and our (my) pleads - in Your Honor!”. To get the food blessed one may say: “Bless our (my) meal and bless our (my) food - in Your Honor and to our joy and health!”

Corr.: Contemplating about the arrangement of the Kin altar which Your described, I remembered that there were pictures of relatives and ancestors placed on the wall in some secluded place of my grandfather’s and grandmother’s house, and the same was in the majority of houses of the people of that generation. And this place was treated with special care and respect. Can we admit that this denotes their subconscious will to have the Kin altar at home despite that they were brought up by forced atheistic propaganda?

V.V.T.: Yes, no doubt. Despite religious and political persecution, our People keep deep in the soul the memory that we are the Gods that descended from Heaven, that our Heavenly relatives are the Gods of the Worlds of Pravi and Yavi, that our Belief is Rodobozshiye, that the Heavenly Kin and the Terrestrial Kin together  represent the Whole One Body of our Almighty Arch Father and we are in uniform integrity with Him same as a wave and the ocean. 

Corr.: On behalf of our readers and on my own Thank You for this sapient interview. As a conclusion there is a one more question: “Is there anything that You personally would like to tell our readers apart from the answers to their questions?”

V.V.T.: I wish all the readers follow the main precept of all Slavs and Aries: “Treat the Gods and Ancestors with Fair Honor, live in good faith, in tune with the Nature!

* Kummir - the word consists of two words Kum - the spiritual parent who enlightens the mind to lead a conscious life, Mir - the world. (Notes of the editor).