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How to feed a family?

Man in Russian called muzhCHIna , CHI- is the  Energy, isn’t? So if you are man, how is that possible, that your wife work on somebody? What kind of man who is in such situation? Quite recently our woman never have a job.  She has no end of work inside the family.

But society needs her to be a man: to make money to feed the family. . It’s wrong attitude.

 This is a problem. Who is that man, who can’t support his wife and kids?

Women are like a dog, they know everything from intimate impulse, but can’t tell. « something is wrong with my man»- she thinks, but can’t tell why. As result the family is falling apart and the reason of it – men’s wrong attitude to their wives. Is that clear to you, or not so much?

Man from the auditory: The problem is deeper.

Vedagor: Yes,I agree

 Man from the auditory: Man don’t have variety of  jobs in the Cities, other towns. Women are wanted  more in the dirty employment. Let say, they are chosen for «special» work. Look!  This situation was made on purpose – to beat men to their knees. When man can’t find a job, he has to carry out wife’s duties  or make  a choice toward the worse work, like robbing people stinking rich, or extortion…     restoration of justice some times…

Vedagor: Well, I have different examples which are plentiful, I by myself is a case in point. When I had understood  this  things, I just get rid of it, tossed away the City and  moved  to middle of nowhere, to the “land of no return”.

Man from the auditory: Where is it?

Vedagor: It is far up in the Caucasus Mountains, Krasnodar Krai. In a word, to move farther was just impossible.  

I feed my family. No sweat! Everything is well and good. No problem at all.

Man from the auditory: Did you already had a house for that time?

Vedagor: Finally, I was gifted even with the house. It’s place where you can buy a good household for a bottle of vodka. My friend said to me: “Aleksey, I have a summer cottage and trouble to get there, so you can use it. When you will be with money you would pay me for the house. “ There was a good garden there, so I was able to make some money by selling  fruits and to pay for  the house in several years. So it were almost like a gift. But there was also opportunity to buy a house for very good price in that  times.

Man  from the auditory: Where your children had been studing?

Vedagor: Well, there was a school. It was impossible to study independently from school in that  times, so my children had been compelled by law to go there.

Man  from the auditory  Your wife were sharing yours views ?  How did she get agreed on this?

Vedagor:  Yes. Thread follows needle. It is our tradition I told her "I won't let you have children until you master it. If you want children- be so kind to learn it. In other case, why did I need it? 

Man from the auditory: What is it specifically?  

Vedagor: It‘s a control of sexual energy.  It is Necessary, is it not? I’ve already felt it first-handly. It’s possible to feed family, without breking  laws and without any contradiction with today’s society. How much people who dwells in the small villages loose?

 Women from the auditory: I’m from a small village and want to claim  that our friends paid about 150 000 rubles for old wooden house in the Valdayskyi kray. It’s place with the arm-reached source of water, with lake, and it locates at least 240 km from Moscow. it’s effective price today.

Vedagor: So, look, it is opportunity. All the talk about  “impossibility” generates  more heat than light. It’s a bullshit. I and my friend prove it by ourselves. People will live like fighting cocks if they move from cities. There is a good movie on such topic and could be easily downloaded from the Internet. It’s called «Happy People». It’s story about  men who moved to the taiga (Northern coniferous forest biome, characterized by spruce and other coniferous trees)  how they were leading decent life over there. It’s possible in such places and impossible in the city. I agree with the movie.  Cities and towns is a scrap-heap. Why we need to live here?. Our forefathers said:  «When your enemy really gots to you- you will need to find a new place to build an old life…» And THEN everything will be possible. We have everything to improve our situation. My children had no infantile sickness then they were kids, because they had been growing with the nature. Is it possible to grow healthy posterity in the city? No.

Man from the auditory: Do you familiar with Mr.Torsunov? He reads lecture about vedical  culture. He tries to interpret everything through it. One time He had been analyzing question about woman who had to work, and how she should  set out  priorities- So, She had to put her husband on the first place, ask his advices and so on, even if she had been playing opposite role on her job. So, it’s a guarantee of domestic harmony. He said. What is your opinion on such topic? Isn’t it  a self deception?

Vedagor: You need to ask women. Is that possible for them to work on side and sustain  their family at an adequate level at the same time? Well, you will see it’s not possible. Is there a chance for children to have good food without a home milk? -no chance. Cow is our fostress, my wife must to milk the cow every morning. She has a lot of duties. She don’t  have time for another job. I have my own duities too, of course. I must to remove all dung, make hay and other a man’s  things.   

Man from the auditory: But if we take a look to the family in the city?

 Vedagor: What's the point to start a family in the city?  Name just one advantage.

Man  from the auditory: Well, if put in crude terms- when I’m working and my wife is working too, the reason of it is  our wish to earn money to buy a house in the nearest village.

Vedagor: Listen, you can buy it for nothing in the abounded villages. Just take it. You will not find hosts of houses in a month of Sundays! I have friends, who have bought out all villages for a mere song. They have settled  there and live very well.