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Past Lives Experiences

There is different schools (religions) talking about the reason why we are here, on earth. For example, according to mainstream Christian theology, we are suffering because our ancestries sin in the past time and so on. Other schools said that demons use our sufferings as a food, and in the other hand gods use our gladness for the same reason… well, you name it, we hear it.  So, I had asked myself- How it’s really works?  What is the point? So, I had made the main thing- i asked right question. So, right question is already a half-answer- the help will be always provided from our Gods and antecedents, if we «get lost». They try to help us in every possible way and every moment . As Baba-Yaga (In Russian folklore, an very old and very wise women who knows magic and lives between two worlds) said: Do you really need a work, or just want to shrink from work? As soon as our problem is essential, real worthy and isn’t just spinned out of thin air, there will be a hole hierarchy of creatures are ready to help us. They are called “supporting  gods” and they are responsible for our evolution, self advancement. They also will give us opportunity to go to higher level of hierarchy as soon as our problems are out of their league.

There is a short way to the higher universes, by asking right questions.  So, at one time I made it, and was gifted with a lot of assistance. I had been raising higher and higher- from one instance to another. I had my best and bright experience by feeling and understanding other worlds. For example, I know exactly how Gods are looks now. Seeing the illustration of gods in Vedas, I understand artist’s conception, or descriptions in Vedas. For example, there are illustration of Brama sitting on the Lotus. For sure, I would draw it this way if I were asked to illustrate my experience. But, in fact, the third-dimensional effect could make fuller representation, because the Lotus is a construction of many worlds being built by energy scheme. It just looks like lotus at first seen. Getting closer to it, you could see that it consist of myriad shining worlds looking like flashes. But from afar it composes the lotus. The figure of Brahma also called Dazhd’ bog in our tradition looks like coming out from the light.  He is real creature you can communicate with. Watching him from long distance, he looked like human. But getting closer, I found out that he is an assembly of the worlds giving this form. So, he is Really exists and my experience is the same with people’s experience and with explanation in Vedas. For example, Christian describes the Shabuoth like an old man reading a book and sitting in a chair, so some people saw it for real. Gods are interpreted differently in all religions, they exist and help us. It really encourages when you communicate with them. So, having traveled in such way, person will make a big turn for the better. «Having experienced» the explanation on the question through the thoughtforms, not words, I felt the biggest thing in my life.

So, the answer was that  it’s nobody here except myself…. and that I’m a non isolated  part of all Gods, of everything at all, and I’m the same thing with them. And feeling this thing, not just realizing in mind, I get the most essential experience.

There was a time I was learning a hell and its structure. So, I had been guided through the layers of hell, I was very very deep down and not really. So all things are really exist there, and a lot of things are happening there J. But there are no skies and open space, a lot of different kind of demons dwells there. They always try to turn over you, or «sell» something to you, or «catch» you in other words.  Shakti (prana, life energy) is their interest  and  human’s soul is their  biggest  trophy, If only they can seize it…. Feeling that you are too tough for them, they wish to dictate anything to you at least. I had been in such places, where they wanted to leave me there or teared to pieces at least. So, they treat you like a booty in such places. It’s preferable to stay out of such places without special stepped training- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama.  It’s guarantee of successful completing such «training». Person desiring to travel in another worlds will get in the lower worlds as sure as fate, if he isn’t ready to it. So if he has low ethical and moral level, if his energy channels are not clear, if he has a lack of energy, it will happen. The falling in such worlds depends on «density» (fullness of energy) of our energy covers. If human’s ethical level is low, he will fall in dark lower layers accordingly to it.

There are several actions arising from that for help – it is the “clearing” yourself enough and raising energy level.  Gathering energy by doing asanas and pranayamas, we can learn the lessons from the experiences, for which we would not be ready otherwise due to our general level of development. For example if a first-grader wished to know about 10-class lesson, he would have been lead in chemistry class or physic class in advance.

So, Gods could show you the aim of your development. Real «true» wish is the way for gaining such special experience. But it is a big mercy then somebody gain that unusual experience. But I tell you, there are some very essential pre-requisites for it to happen. FIRST of all, it’s should be exactly what you truly need, not just curiosity or some sort of interest. So, it should be something you couldn’t live without. Another thing is perseverance, and it must be the good one.  Gods should be convinced in necessity of showing it to you. No wax. There is no way to deceive or something.  Sincerity is also the key in it.

 If we want to know in very deed that’s happening after live, they will show it to us. It’s not so honestly by the way. But still, if first-garden asked about things after live and about his last days, they could show him a death and other things he asked about. And if he could have seen that he would have felt after life, he would be definitely much more careful with the decision about «healthy way of living» for example. Showing the purgatory is a gift from Gods.  Usually it is never happen because it’s not fair to live honestly only because of fear.

If you could have seen some results of your action when you would have thought a lot of more of it.

There is another way -to analize your behavior every last day. So, it takes you to sit in some quiet place in the evening or just before sleep and to decompose all your day. You need to think about every minute of your day and situations where you were wrong should be decomposed and imagined in the right way with thoughts: “If it were happened again, I would behaive differently and that would be better”.  Such analysis gives us back the lost energy in wrong situations. By doing this day after day, we would be able to dawn to the day we were born and then deeper and deeper- to our last incarnations, but only if we would have the blessy from Gods and enough SHAKTI to remember our last incarnations. So we will return our lost energy through the penitence. We rise to higher levels not  by doing asanas and pranayamas but by making right conclusions from  our past actions. So we can go deeper and deeper  with  our returned Shakti and can gain ability to remember the things that were happened 10 years ago or 20 years ago and so on until our first days and finally to remember our last incarnations after that. It will be possible only for person who is ready. Our last incarnations are the most valuable and «hard» experience, nobody is able to take it from us, so we still remember all things, but our memory have been blocked because it could hurt.

We meet our relatives for untying Karmic nodules. For example some person occasionally remembers that he had terrified relationship with his beloved relatives in last incarnations, for example they were hangmen who plagued him and his family to death. In this live they incarnates together to untie the Karmic nodule. So would it be possible for him to save normal relationship (after he would know) after that? If person are not ready, who would put in his hand a such bombshell? In other case, if person is able to save relationship after it, then his memory becomes known to him. Sooner or later everyone remember all his incarnations. So far as he would be ready to it and the “extent” of readiness determine the volume of returned memory. God gives no more than you can take. It’s a rule- if person is ready to the hardship then he would be given it. And it’s a huge hardships of Karmic nodules to untie. 

Everything is in absolute balance. Nobody is forcing our development and it’s very good for us. If there is no wholesome reason and enough ethical level (adherence of Yama, Niyama) there is no use of asanas and pranayamas changing our environment through the raised level of energy, because it gives opposite effect. But if we have the base, then we can investigate alternative worlds. So this way would be made accessible for us. But who let there an ignorant person? But there is a exception too.

 So I know solders who had decided to be in flash points because they liked to kill. War was like hunting for them, they were enjoying it . Then abruptly it stopped. This was a total "meltdown" because they actually have saw the results of their actions in the afterlife. Having experienced it, they wouldn’t  kill anymore even at risk of being teared to shreds by pliers. They had been shown with results of such actions Only because of their honesty- «Look, here it is, son, if you would behave like this, watch the results :)». But before they belived in perfect sincerity of rightness of their actions. They had no query about the rightness of the motive to fight  "for home for justice", to kill scoundrels. But in reality they enjoyed of doing it under the colour of patriotism or any another things. Their sincerity in it helped them to gain the demonstration of results of such behavior  and strength to «overlive» it and draw proper conclusions.

But still if person is not ready, he will never saw anything like this. it’s shows the absolute world’s rightfulness.

It’s may be said, I’m were intimidated our Gods. So my condition was to remember some things, in other case I would gave up my live. So my question was: If I wouldn’t know the answer, why I need to live? And  where is a guarantee that Gods do not cheating me like deamons» But if I remember things, I will continue to play in this game. But in other case I decided to find a way to leave all my bodies, to refused to play in its material games. It’s for sure. I was in the full conviction that there is no sense to live for me anymore. So, my arguments were satisfactory for Gods to help me by answering to my question. But if I have lied down a stupid aim they would have refused to satisfy my ambitions and to pamper my vanity. But my point was that if I get my answer I would serve better to another people. In other case how could I teach, or advice anything? Only self-opinion and conceit. And In that case I can’t consider myself as Yog, maybe just Yoganatic (lunatic and kind of nutty). But due to my right-formulated question I had remembered, I had got back my feelings of another lives.  So it gave me a chance to strengthen my connection, a chance to live further and, what’s very important- to serve better to another people.  And Now, my connection become more thicken and structured and I can better perform my mission than before. Stupid questions to Gods helping no one, never lead to any results. Today Gods is coaching somebody who are fond with anothers. If person focus only to himself, there will be no attention rendered to him. But if he devote himself to serve to another people, then the help will be provided to him.