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How to body your relatives

Man from audience: So, I want to conceive a child. We`re getting ready, in moral aspects, try to practice yoga. What is the moment when I should stop sublimating it and start to direct it into testicles (1), so that I could conceive a better child? 

Vedagor: In Veda they say, that Zhivatma (3) is pulled in two months before conceiving. So, first, Zhivatma goes into molecule of water, then this water goes to some food, which a man – father – eats, and Zhivatma goes to his body – to create a sperm. And from many cells of sperm(spermatazoids) it goes to the One, which will conceive egg cell(ovum). I don`t need to explain, that there`s no competition between spermatozoid, they all work as one team, and what they tell in schools and in Universities about the competition between spermatazoids – is a lie.

So, we should prepare before. So, in Veda they say that you, as a father, should go to «Another world»(Inoy mir) (2), find your beloved kinsman and talk to them – if their turn to embody came. And then embody him/her.

For instance: you want to embody you grandfather, grand-grand father, father, mother or grand-mother – which one do you want to embody? And who is talented, right? So, you should meet him, get an agreement with him and embody him consciously, Jivatma (3).

Man from audience: So, I have to be able to go to Another world (Inoy mir) (2)so I could embody the one I want?

Vedagor: Ideally, yes. Our ancestry knew this science and were able to do that. They emboded their best and closest relatives, so the relations differed a lot. Vedas said you could even drag in your enemy or a person outside your clan to unleash some Karma nodes with him. For example, your enemy wants to revenge you. He could embody as your child and make you suffer. To skip that, not to let it happen you should know that science. 







sublimating and start to direct it into testicles

See lecture “Sexual energy management”. To accumulate, sublimate sexual energy you may use Siddh asana(position from Yoga), and put left leg он perineum. To direct sexual energy to conceive a child, put right leg there (for man. for women-the opposite).  


Another world (Inoy mir)

In Veda you will find such partition of worlds: physical world – 1) world where we live, 2) the world of our ancestors and the 3) light-filled world of the Gods.

in Russian: 1) Yav – if you translate directly, you`ll get “what you can see, visible, the one which IS, which does exist”. 2) Nav’ – no direct translation 3) Prav – in direct translation, “governor, ruler and rules at the same time”


Jivatma, Jiva

(Sanskrit: "the embodied atman")The Individual Self.