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Sexual energy management

Man from audience:  Vedagor, we`re interested in practical aspects of ruling sexual energies. In one of your lectures I heard about such Yoga asan as Sidh Asan (Half Lotos). And you said, that this asan lets sublimate or increase own sexual energy. I couldn`t find it in literature. And the question is – which leg should be above for man and for woman? How exactly can I sublimate(accumulate) or increase sexual energy? In what periods should I sublimate it? How can I increase energy before conceiving a child? How exactly should I accumulate it, should I accumulate it and how to operate with it?

Vedagor: What is your question about – about what we have at the moment, or what we should aspire?

Man from audience: Principally, what to aspire.

Another Man from audience: Can I make a correction?

Vedagor: Yes

Man from audience: Here we have a problem of the lack of practice. If, for instance, I teach my son, he will ask me to show practical details. And here we`ll all have problems...

Vedagor: So we need to make a practical training.

Man from audience: So, this our seminar should only be finished, when at the end  of it we all can show... (Laugh) That`s funny, but what if I will not be able to demonstrate this skill- so what all it is for?

Vedagor: If I`m not mistaking, we don`t have a feasibility to practice at the moment

Man from audience: I`m not about right now. But for the future. We should definitely get to practice

Vedagor: If training  is the task– i`m ready. We need some equipment like mats and sport rigs. Organize such training and let`s try and practice. I`m not making any secrets and ready to share.

Man from audience: Administrators, have you heard that?

Vedagor: It depends on you. If you`re ready, make a wish list and let`s practice, I make no secrets. Briefly saying, if a man wants to sublimate sexual energy and not to waste semen(cum). In order to keep energy and direct it not to creation of semen, a man should, while seeting, his left  heel locate in perineum. So, ideally, there should be a triangle between heel, shin and hip, and all men`s property (penis and testicles) should be in that triangle. In Yoga this position is called siddhasana. Sit, depending on what you like – in siddhasana or you can put righ leg not on left hip, but near it. If you can stretch – use siddhasana, if not – put right leg near left. Siddhasana is a way to work on siths. 

Man from audience: So, I put right leg on the hip and this way I make it free from influence on chakras 

You left leg must touch on perineum. In the perineum – there should be your heel, then there`ll be sublimation. But if you want to increase the effect from this asana – you should brief correctly. So, on your back there are two channels – Inda and Pingala (Shiva-samhita, 2.1-2.15) These two channels are located to the left and to the right from your spine. In the area of lumbar two channels, going from testicles, connect to these two channels (Inda and Pingala). Then the energy goes to coccyx(tail bone) and unites in it. Then, united energy through the spine rises to the head. And, if you have your tongue touching the roof of the mouth, then energy goes to HARA, if not touching – then it stays in head, anyway – it`s not used to create semen(cum) – it goes futher – either to HARA, or into brain. So, the general scheme is like this: you brief in, energy(prana) goes through to channels of nose, through the head, into Inda and Pingala, in the area of lumbar it sucks energy from testicles (like when you use atomizer – two tubes, in one you blow, it take liquid from container and liquid rises), prana from breath together with energy from testicles goes to  coccyx(tail bone) and unites in it, then it rises through central channel – spine, to the head, and there you have two options – let it go to HARA (your internal accumulator) or let it stay in head. In this case, energy is spent for your brain development, and not to semen(cum) creation. Chemical structure of semen is almost the same as spinal cord, and when a man spends his semen not to create children – he just wastes his spinal cord. If you practice Siddhasana with this right breathing, your testicles will become flabby, soft, they will be drown and you will not need semen-it will not be produced and will not exist. No problem. If you want to make children, make the opposite – put right heel into perineum, energy then goes to testicle and you`re ready to make a child. 

Man from audience: So, for a woman, it`s vica versa?

Vedagor: Yes, left heel to sublimate, right – to accumulate





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Energy center, located in the area of navel(belly button). Some words in Russian language let us know the nature of Hara, (Haravod, Harakter) – Character in English for instance.



(prah´nah) [Sanskrit] in ayurvedic tradition, the life force or vital energy, which permeates the body


Inda and Pingala

Two energy channels on the back. For more details see (Shiva-samhita, 2.1-2.15